Bar Crawl: 9/17-20

Hey kids! I know it’s late Thursday evening, but you’re probably trying to figure out how to start your weekend off right. Get up, get on a look, and get out there!


Thursday, September 17

Susanne Bartsch and Dreamhouse are back with their arty party, Kunst. The Carry Nation and Juliana Huxtable spin, with Sandflower giving superpowered shows. Free!


Friday, September 18

Seasonal queer dance party Psychic Brooklyn is back with its latest installment, Psychic Summer. Bid farewell to a sweaty summer at an even sweatier dance party. DJ sets by David Sokolowski, Amber Valentine, Econ, and others. $15 before 1am/$20 after.


Saturday, September 19

Macri Park keeps popping off with new parties! Suzie Hart and One-half Nelson want to put some art into your bar crawl at their new night of engaging performances, Touch and Feel, with an installation by Glossy Bohemond. Free!

If you’re still down to boogie, head to the Lower east Side for Melissa Burns’ weekly, Massive, with guest DJ Sussi joining regular spinner Oscar 1992.


Sunday, September 20

After that crazy weekend, kick back at the Metro BBQ. Tons of cute, bearded Billyburg boys set up shop on Metro’s back patio every summer Sunday, buying beers that come free free burgers and dogs. Chow down and cruise the day away. Free!



<3 Mark


photo by Maro Hagopian



Posted on: September 17th, 2015 by Mark Dommu

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