Bar Crawl: 9/4-6

Hey babes! I’m new to AntiTwink, but I’m a party veteran, so you can trust me to take care of you this weekend. Stick with this easy-to-follow plan and I can guarantee a shit show of epic proportions.


Friday, August 4

Start your night off with some cheap drinks and vegan frito pie—it’s yummy as fuck, I promise—at Free Wifi. DJs Lol’ Kim and Gramma will take care of you with weird tunes. It’s free and there are always cute Bushwick boys here!

Then it’s time to dance, and on Fridays there’s no better place to do that then Ladyfag’s 11:11. Michael Magnan spins as always, and this week he’s joined by Donkey and DiCap, so the beats should be on fleek. I’ll be there hosting with Domonique Echeverria, Ryan Burke, and Stephanie Stone, and we’ll be serving sweaty looks on that crowded basement dance floor.


Saturday, August 5

After you’ve slept in, brunched, and shopped for a new look, hit up Verboten for the annual Paradise Garage Reunion. This is your chance to experience New York club history and get your life on the dance floor as DJs Joey Llanos and Dave DePino spin Garage classics made famous by Larry Levan.

Then head to Bushwick’s warehouse district for the return of The Carry Nation! DJ duo Will Automagic and Nita Aviance are back from a summer spent slining beats all over the globe, and they’ll be carrying past dawn with guest spinner A Village Raid and birthday boo Gage of the Boone.


Sunday, August 6

If you’re able to crawl out of bed on Sunday, dive back into your bar crawl and hit up Horse Meat Disco, the place to cruise or be cruised this Labor Day Sunday. The London disco collective will pound out house and disco with Spank DJs Will Automagic and Sean B.


Have fun, bbs!

<3 daddy


photo by Tinker Coalescing



Posted on: September 2nd, 2015 by Mark Dommu

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